Pokemon Go! Gym Battle Tips and Facts!

Pokemon Go! Gym Battle Tips and Facts!This is the starting selection. This is your best chance to get an upper hand. Your opponents will start in order of CP weakest to strongest and yours will automatically be listed as CP strongest to weakest. Type advantages do exist in Pokémon Go, so they will come in handy. Remember to start that Jolteon against the Pidgeot. There are also no pauses in battle so you have to act quick. To substitute you have to do it very quickly. Try to select your Pokémon where type advantages will work in your favor in case your current Pokémon faints.

So.. I know a lot of people who believe you're supposed to spam touch the screen to beat your enemy. If you swipe left to right when the enemy attacks, you'll dodge the attack if you time it correctly. Raticate is a perfect practice dummy because his attacks aren't quick and can be easily dodged. Pidgeot spams attacks very quickly so that is another Pokémon that would be a good practice dummy.

This bar in the top left corner underneath your health bar is your Special Attack meter. There can be multiple meters or one long meter. Your Pokémon's moves will be shown and how long the meters are. If you tap your screen to use a basic attack, it will charge the meter a tiny bit. It will glow slightly when the meter is full. To use your special attack, you must hold your finger on the screen and it will show your Pokémon using it with the name above its avatar.TL;DRSwipe left or right to Dodge.Tap for basic attack, hold finger in screen for Stronger Special Attack.Make sure your team is in type advantage order.


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